Hiking on paths is a great experience! Sometimes, the paths are marked and sometimes they’re not. If you are only exploring, and have plenty of time, it may not really matter. But if you are in a crisis experience, and need help, you don’t want just any trail. You want to KNOW where this particular path is going and that help can be found!

Among the infinite number of trails in life, the pathway of life is the most important decision you will ever make!

This is the book of John Bible study. It’s for the Beginner, new Christian or for someone who is just curious or perhaps you are a skeptic about it all! This online Bible study can be completed by yourself or in a group.  You can also complete in interactively with me.

Choose to walk on the narrow pathway to eternal life! It is easy to overlook this path because of familiarity or busyness. It is a path of trust and endurance. Traveling a path without God is like walking in the country on a moonless night. Or, it is like running through a city during the day blindfolded. In either case there is a lot of activity, but it is filled with fear, confusion, misdirection and eventual pain. Indeed, the path of God is not without pain or uncertainty but as you travel on His path you are filled with His presence.

When you travel with God, be ever mindful of his guardrails of grace, love and law. They are there for your protection. They keep you from straying off His path of kingdom purpose. The wide road most travel is reckless compared to the less traveled path of heaven’s security. When you walk the narrow path with God, He will fill you with His peace, His security and His hope!