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Ralph BrandenburgPastor Ralph Brandenburg was born in Van Wert, Ohio in 1939.  As a teenager, He accepted the Lord in Fort Wayne, Indiana while attending the Harvester Ave. Missionary Church.

In 1960, Ralph married Norma Lehman while attending Fort Wayne Bible College. (Taylor University, Ft. Wayne, Indiana)  After two years in the pastorate, they spent two terms as missionaries,  in the Dominican Republic.

In 1974, God called them to the inner-city to create and build a Hispanic ministry in Chicago.  There he established and pastored a Spanish church. During the next 20 years, Ralph was instrumental in starting other Hispanic Works in the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

With their three children grown, in 1993, Ralph and Norma returned to the Dominican Republic for 2 1/2 years of ministry.

Ralph Brandenburg began to minister to Cuban refugees and then began to visit Cuba at his own expense.  When they had to return to the states, they visited churches and ministered here.  Soon after, they were officially assigned to Cuba.

Since Ralph and Norma couldn’t live in Cuba, they moved to South Florida in 1997.  Ralph made trips to Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Venezuela, and helped established churches to develop missionary vision and ministry in Cuba.

Currently, Ralph and Norma Brandenburg are retired and live in South Florida.  In Ralph’s spare time, he enjoys collecting and working on model trains and coins.

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  1. Love your site. I know that many will come to know Jesus Christ.
    Marco says hello. Congratulations on your Anniversary. Yes, God has blessed you and Norma. You are of blessings to the Vargas.

    • It is a good idea to read the Bible cover-to-cover but when studing it you should know certin key phrases and storys. I read from The Message (A bible in today’s terms) and the NRSV (New Revised Stanerd Version).

      Hope this helps,

      • I went to Eastbourne’s Bible by the Beach last year and found it to be good. This year my husband is coinmg along with me. Being a Christian is the most important thing to me. Jesus is definitely ALIVE.

    • Excellent info! Charles Ryrie’s Bible is the best Study bible I have ever studied from. Right after I got saved, soemnoe recommended it to me, and in turn I have down likewise. I am so glad that I came upon this website!!! To God Be The Glory!!!

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