#5 – The Authority of the Son


Print The Authority of the Son PDF if you want to work on the Discipleship Study (Part 5) with a hard copy or you can work on it directly from this web page. If you are struggling with any of the questions, contact me and I can email you or call you to work through this online Discipleship Bible study.

The Authority of the Son
(Read John – Chapter 5)

1. Jesus went up to Jerusalem and attended the feast of the Jews. Jesus told a lame man “Rise, take up your bed, and ___________.” v. 8

2.  This was a marvelous miracle. What big problems did the Jews have with it? v.9-10

3.  According to the man, who told him to work on the Sabbath day? v.11

4. Did the man know who had healed him? v. 12-13

5.  What did Jesus tell the man to do? v. 14

6. The man who was healed told the authorities that it was Jesus, the Savior, and from then on, what did the Jews want to do to Jesus? v 15-16

7. Jesus responded, “My Father is always at His work, and ___________” v. 17

8.  For what two reasons did the Jews now wish to kill Jesus? v. 18

9.  Jesus’ words made Him equal with the Father. v. 18 Explain the word, “equal.”

10. Why did the Jews find this comment in verse 19 very difficult: “whatever the Father does the Son also does.”

11. In verse 20 and 21, what makes the Father and the Son equal?

12. Why does the Father give all judgment over to Jesus? v. 22-23

13. Is it possible to give honor to the Father and not give the same honor to Jesus, the Son? v. 23 Yes or No?  What does the scripture tell us here?

14. Name the 2 requirements for having Eternal Life and the 2 results of having it. v. 24

15. Since what moment have you had Eternal Life? v. 24

16. Who will hear the voice of God? v. 25

17. What happened to those that heard His voice? v. 25

18. Who has life in themselves? v. 26-27

19. What will those in the graves hear v. 28

20. What are the 2 resurrections? v. 29

21. In verses 37-29, the Father gives testimony of Jesus but some do not believe in Him. If one studies the scriptures diligently, what will you find? v. 39

22. I John 5:12 testifies, “He who has the Son has life.” Do you have the Son? Explain.
Read the entire book of I John