#15 – Do You Love Me?


Print Do You Love Me? PDF if you want to work on the Discipleship Study (Part 15) with a hard copy or you can work on it directly from this web page. If you are struggling with any of the questions, contact me and I can email you or call you to work through this online Discipleship Bible study.

Do You Love Me?
(Read John – Chapter 21)

1. Jesus manifested himself again to his disciples. Instead of being on a mountain, where did He meet them? v. 1

2. Can you name the disciples that were present? v. 2

3. How did the fishing go that night? v. 3

4. Where did Jesus appear? v. 4

5. Why do you think Jesus asked them if they had anything to eat? v. 5

6. What did Jesus say about the fishing failure? v. 6

7. What happened? v. 6

8. This same thing had happened 3 years earlier. Luke 5:4-7 True D False ❑

9.  Why is it so hard for us to learn the lessons Jesus teaches us?

10. Which disciple first recognized Jesus on the beach? v. 7

11. What did Peter do the instant he realized who it was? v. 7

12. When they got to the beach, what did Jesus have prepared for them? v. 8-9

13. How interesting! What did Jesus ask his disciples? v. 10

14. We’re even given the number of fish. How many were there? v. 11

15. Since Jesus had been crucified a few days earlier, was there any doubt as to who was inviting them to eat? v. 12

16. Including this time, how many times since His resurrection has Jesus appeared to his disciples? v. 14

17. Wnen Jesus told Peter to “Feed my lambs”, what was the question related to that statement? v.15

18. The second time Jesus repeated, “Do you love me?”, What was the command of Jesus? v. 16

19. When Jesus repeated the question the third time, what did he want from Peter? v. 17

20. In verse 19, Jesus added the words “Follow Me” Why?

21. In verse 21, why does Peter ask Jesus, “Lord, what about this man?” What was Peter thinking?

22. The answer Jesus gives to us as well, “What is that to you, YOU must follow Me!” Can you
follow Jesus without looking at what is happening with other Christians or leaders?

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, Please give me the will to follow you and your teachings. Forgive me for looking at other’s faults and ministries. Give me a love for them and even a greater love to disciple your lambs. Amen”

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