#11 – Some Greeks Seek Jesus


Print Some Greeks Seek Jesus PDF if you want to work on the Disipleship Study (Part 11) with a hard copy or you can work on it directly from this web page. If you are struggling with any of the questions, contact me and I can email you or call you to work through the Bible study.

Some Greeks Seek Jesus

(Read John – Chapter 12)

1.  We know that all people do not seek Jesus, but we read that “certain Greeks” went to Jerusalem. Why did they go to the Jewish feast? v. 20

2.  We see that God uses men and women to lead others to the truth. In this case, to whom did these Greeks go to learn more about Jesus? v. 21

3.  It seems that they had some contact with Phillip, because they had the confidence to go to him. What is the name of the city that Phillip was from? v. 21

4.  What was the request that the Greeks asked of Phillip? v. 21 (It seems that perhaps they were connected by business involvement and Phillip had already spoken to them of Jesus.)

5.  Whom did Phillip ask to help him introduce the Greeks to Jesus? v. 22

6.  Jesus reply to the Greeks was wonderful. What did Jesus say? v. 23

7.  What has to happen to the kernel of wheat in order for the multiplication process to take affect? v. 24

8.  What results if we love our life? v. 25

9.  If we recognize that in our own human nature there is nothing good, but in contrast, if we despise this life, what can we expect? v.25

10. Those that seek Jesus as the Greeks did, Jesus responds to them, “Whoever serves Me must “. v. 26  The answer to life is not in ourselves. It is in following Jesus!

11. Jesus responded clearly, v. 26  “And where I am, ___________   ____________   ____________   _____________.”

12. And also, v. 26, “My Father will ___________   ____________   ___________   ___________   ___________  __________.”

13. When Jesus spoke of this unbelievable hour, v.27-28, what did the Heavenly Father do?

14. Who heard the voice of the Father? v. 29

15. Why did God speak in an audible voice? v. 30

16, According to verse 31, now, the judgment of the world has taken place. Yes or No?

17. Who was to be driven out? v. 31

18. Who had to be lifted up (upon a cross)? v. 32

19. The cross was to lift up Jesus, and He himself provides our salvation. v. 32-33 Yes or No?

20. Jesus being lifted up invites us to take all our burdens to Him. Look to Jesus! Please read Colossians 3:1-2

21. If someone asks you how to get to Jesus, can you guide them as Phillip did?

22. Do you have a plan how to present Jesus to those that do not know Him? Yes or No?

If you do not have a specific plan how to present to your family and friends the plan of salvation, consider using “The 5 Basic John Studies. Or if you like another plan such as “The 4 Spiritual Laws”, or some other tool that will help you explain your new faith. If you need a new set of John Studies, please request them. Contact me, Ralph Brandenburg!

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