#12 – Taking the Towel


Print Taking the Towel PDF if you want to work on the Discipleship Study (Part 12) with a hard copy or you can work on it directly from this web page. If you are struggling with any of the questions, contact me and I can email you or call you to work through the Bible study.

Taking the Towel

(Read John – Chapter 13)

1.  Jesus and his disciples were celebrating the Passover. Jesus got up from the table, and took what into His hands? v. 4

2.  What did Jesus do in verse 5? (Note: In that culture, everyone used sandals. And always, when you arrived at a home, a slave or servant washed every ones’ feet. It seems that none of the disciples were thinking about serving, and had failed to do this task.)

3.  Who argued with the Lord about washing his feet? v. 6

4.  Why do you think that Peter did not want Jesus to wash his feet?

5.  Did Peter understand the Lord Jesus response? v. 7

6. Jesus responded rather harshly to Peter. What did Jesus say? v. 8

7. Peter went from one side of a discussion, to the other, without thinking. What did Peter say? v. 9

8. What did Jesus explain to Peter regarding having Jesus wash his entire body? v. 10

9. Of whom was Jesus speaking when He said that “You are not all clean”? v. 11

10. What question did Jesus ask when he returned to the table? v. 12

11. Do you understand what Jesus did?

12. Jesus did not deny his identity, v. 13  Who is Jesus? To understand this more clearly, read Luke 22:24-27.

13. What were the disciples discussing in Luke 22:24?

14. Jesus does not teach as those of this world.  In Luke 22:25-26 the Lord teachers how to what?

15. Jesus gave us an example in Luke 22:27. He was here in this world to do what?

16. We return to John 13, verse 14.  Jesus teaches us what fact?

17. Do you believe we should follow Jesus’ example? v. 15 Yes ❑ No 0

18. Is Jesus your Lord and Master? v. 16 Yes ❑ No 0

19. Verse 17 tells us, “Blessed (or happy) are you if you do them.” True ❑ False ❑

20. How can we serve one another? Give 3 examples how you can serve others.

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