#13 – The Promises of Jesus


Print The Promises of Jesus PDF if you want to work on the Discipleship Study (Part 13) with a hard copy or you can work on it directly from this web page. If you are struggling with any of the questions, contact me and I can email you or call you to work through this online Discipleship Bible study.

The Promises of Jesus
(Read John – Chapter 14)


1. There is hope over all anxiety. Jesus told us clearly in verse 1: “You believe or trust in God, trust also ___________ ___________.”

2. This is a basic promise. In the Father’s house, there are plenty of rooms. Jesus confirms this to be true. In verse 2, what does the Lord say that He is going to do? “I am _________  ____________  ___________  ____________  ___________  ____________ you.”

3. How is this idea developed? v. 3 How long do you think we will be in this place with Jesus?

4. In the previous chapters, John wrote a lot about eternal life, and that those that believe in Him, will not be affected by death. Why do you think Thomas doubted Jesus? v. 4-5

5. Jesus spoke once and forever in v. 6. “I am ________   ____________.”. Why did Jesus so often say, “Follow me”?

6. Not only is Jesus the WAY, (v. 6) “He is the T_______  and the L_________.

7. This promise is secure… secure in Jesus! What hope is there outside of Christ? v. 6 The person that says something else isn’t saying the truth, because JESUS is the TRUTH.

8. If we know Jesus, whom else do we also know? v. 7

9. Phillip, doubting, said, “Show us the Father, and it is sufficient for us”. How did Jesus respond? v.9

10. When Jesus spoke, He spoke for whom? v. 10

11. If we do not believe the words of Jesus, that He is in the Father, and that the Father is in Him, what other evidence do we have? v. 11

12. We that have faith in Christ, will do what he does, and what more? v. 1

13. In whose name should we make our requests? v. 13-14

14. If we love the Lord Jesus, what should we do? v. 15

15. In John 13:34, what did Jesus command?

16. What did Jesus ask the Father to give us? v.16

17. The promise of the Helper is for us, for how long? v.16

18. The Spirit of Truth is another name for whom? v.17

19. Jesus promised not to leave us orphaned. What did He promise? v. 18

20. Jesus promised us in v. 19, “because I live ___________   _____________  _____________  ____________.”

21. The Lord said, “and that day you will know that I am in my Father, ______________________” v.20

22. What is the evidence that we love Jesus? v. 21

23. The manifestation of Jesus to the world and to us is His Word. But when we keep His Word, what will the result be?  v. 22-23

24. What of those that do not keep His Word? v. 24

25. The promised comforter, the Holy Spirit, will have what ministry to us? v.25-26

26. The promise of Peace! Verse 27  It is not as the world gives, my brother and sister, Don’t Worry. Do not be afraid!

27. Memorize John 16:33.

Prayer: “Lord, help me to believe Your Promises!”

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