#9 – This One Thing I Know


Print This One Thing I Know PDF if you want to work on the Discipleship Study (Part 9) with a hard copy or you can work on it directly from this web page. If you are struggling with any of the questions, contact me and I can email you or call you to work through this online Discipleship Bible study.

This One Thing I Know
(Read John – Chapter 9:1-41)

1.  Since when was this man blind?  v. 1

2.  Who asked if this blind man or his parents had sinned? v. 2

3.  What did Jesus teach to correct the error of the disciples? v. 3

4.  Why did this physical problem exist? v. 3

5.  Why must we take advantage of the daytime? v. 4

6.  While here, what was Jesus to the world? v. 5

7. What did Jesus do with the mud? v. 6

8. What instruction did Jesus give the man? v. 7

9. What happened when the blind man obeyed Jesus? v. 7

10. Who noticed the miracle that Jesus did? v. 8

11. Although there were doubts as to who the healed man was, what testimony did he give? v. 9

12. The neighbors had to notice the difference when Jesus entered the blind man’s situation. What did they ask the man? v. 10

13. When the man testified of the miracle, what title did he give Jesus? v. 11

14. When they asked the man where Jesus was, what did the man respond? v. 12

15. Before what group was the blind man taken? v. 13

16. What day of the week was it when Jesus healed the man? v. 14

17. What did the Pharisees ask the blind man? v. 15

18. Explain the dissension that occurred among the people. v. 16

19. The blind man told the Pharisees that a prophet had healed him. (v. 17) What understanding had developed between this title and what he’d used in verse 11?

20. The Pharisees did not believe that the man was the same blind person. Whom did they call upon to testify? v. 18

21. Why did the parents not clearly explain the miracle of God? v. 19-23

22. Do you believe that the Pharisees were prejudiced against Jesus? v. 24 Explain.

23. A believer in Jesus should always speak the truth. What did the blind man say? v. 25

24. When the healed man answered the Pharisees if they also wanted to be disciples of Jesus, note the growth of his faith. v. 26-28. Before he had called Jesus “that man.” Next he said that Jesus was a prophet. Now, he was a _________ of Jesus.

25. The man spoke clearly to the Pharisees. vs. 29-33 What did the man say we have to do in order for God to hear us? v. 31

26. Why was the healed man cast out of the synagogue? v. 34

27. Who found the healed man after he was thrown out? v. 35

28. Who did Jesus tell him the Son of Man was? v. 36-37

29. What was the reaction of thehealed blind man when he understood with whom he spoke? v. 38 He _________ and __________

Note: The worship of Jesus comes as a result of the development of faith. First we recognize Jesus as a historical truth; next as a prophet; lastly as God. Our final reaction has to be then, to worship Him!

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