May 052013

If you were asked if you are a fan or follower of Jesus, what would you say?

You might believe in Jesus, but to be honest, even the devil does! If you want to find out and dig deeper into this question, I encourage you to watch this series of 6 videos! Each one is approximately 30 minutes long, so you will need to be committed to watching them. These well-done Christian video messages are in a movie format to help you find out where you stand. Are you a fan or follower of Jesus? Watch the first video and you’ll find out! I’d recommend anyone who calls himself/herself a Christian to take the time to watch this series. You won’t be disappointed!

#1 – Fan or Follower? 

#2 – Follow Me

#3 – What Must I Do?

#4 – Bury the Dead

#5 – Dead Mans Bones

Trailer for “Fan or Follower of Jesus?”

We hope you take the time to watch this video series of  “Fan or Follower of Jesus?” We hope these videos encourage your relationship with Jesus Christ and that you will be excited as we are to be instruments used for our Lord and Savior.

If you have yet to make a decision about making Jesus Christ Lord of your life, we suggest you take a look at some of our other webpages on this website. It’s only by His grace, we have are saved. We hope our website will help you become a follower of Jesus Christ!

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