Oct 122010

On June 13, 1494, Christopher Columbus stopped at the Island of Hispaniola. (Dominican Republic) He then sailed west to Cuba and discovered a large island (located directly south of Havana) and called it “Island of the Evangelist.”

While in Cuba, I bought an “Island of the Evangelist” coin.  Most Cubans are not aware of this coin. I was happy to see Cuba had this coin and connected it to Christopher Columbus and the original island name, “Island of the Evangelist!”

Island of the Evangelist Coin headsIsland of the Evangelist Coin tails

Today it is called “Island of Youth.” This name was given to the island in 1976 with the new political-administrative division. This island has had several other names including “Island of Parrots” and “Island of Treasure.”

When you look at the scriptures, I think of Paul speaking to Timothy. In  II Timothy 4:5,  Paul writes:

As for you,  always be sober-minded,  endure suffering,  do the work of an evangelist,  fulfill your ministry.

Just as Paul encouraged Timothy, I want to encourage YOU to present the Good News to people that they too might have their sins forgiven and have eternal life!

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