Beginners Online Bible Study


In seeking to find the path that leads to eternity, one has to determine where the truth is, and which paths lead to dead ends.

One of my hobbies is collecting coins. I have accumulated a few thousand coins, most of them, of very little value. The two coins you see pictured here, I collected while working in Cuba. The one on the left is pure silver. The right one is a counterfeit coin. If I offered you one of these coins as a gift, which one would you chose? You’d respond, “The pure silver one!”, I’m sure! And so it is in seeking the right path. None of us want to be deceived.

Seek after that that which is pure and true! Do not worry so much about the false ones. After all, the counterfeit bill is tangible proof that the real thing exists.

In this Bible Study, my goal is to point you to the pure silver. Pilot said to Jesus at his trial, “What is TRUTH?” Let’s take a look!

There are 5 parts to this online Bible study. The questions focus on the book of John ~ this book is found in the New Testament. Click on each tab to complete each separate study. You can print them out and work on the answers by yourself, in a group. or you can work interactively with me.

If you have questions or are uncertain how to complete this online bible study, feel free to contact me!